Nootropics, also known as “smart drugs”, have been gaining more and more popularity due to the competitive, fast-paced world we live in. The term ‘nootropic’ refers to supplements that can enhance the cognitive and physical abilities of healthy individuals, such as improving memory, cognition, concentration, mood, and boosting energy levels. If you want to become the best version of yourself and thrive in today’s competitive society, we have two nootropics that will give you the upper hand.


In the 1980s, Semax was created by Russian pharmacologists to improve cognitive function. It is a neuroprotective peptide and nootropic with neurogenic and neurorestorative properties. Semax rapidly elevates the levels and expression of the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and its signaling receptor TrkB in the hippocampus. Semax has potent anxiolytic and pro-mood effects. They discovered it not only improves cognitive function, but also stimulates the central nervous system (boosting energy and metabolism) regulating brain chemicals such as dopamine, acetylcholine, serotonin, adenosine, and histamine. 


With its ability to stimulate so many neurotransmitters, Semax can increase the brain’s capacity to work at a greater rate increasing vigor, speed, focus, and memory.  One study found that Semax increased brain activity and allowed its test subjects to complete memorization-based tests better than the control group. These results coincide with anecdotal reports where users indicate many cognitive tasks seem effortless and require minimal effort to complete when using Semax.


Researchers believe that Semax can boost the efficiency of stimulants. Even though Semax might not act as a stimulant itself it can act as a stimulant booster, and has been found to increase dopamine production when taken alongside D-amphetamine.


There are some studies that suggest Semax might be useful for those with ADHD.  In fact, many users report using it as an Adderall alternative.  In 2000, scientists of the Department of Nervous Diseases of the Russian State Medical University conducted a clinical study on Semax in treating ADHD in children.  Researchers documented a positive effect (improvement of behavior, motor, attention, and memory) in 50% of ADHD patients.  Semax treatment led to an increase in the brain’s bioelectric activity in patients with ADHD.

Other Health Benefits

  • treating ischemic strokes
  • Improves libido in both men and women
  • A Possible Pain-Lowering Effect
  • Potential for Treating Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • May Reverse the Negative Cognitive Effects of Alcohol Consumption
  • Possible reduction of withdrawal symptoms from opioid abuse
  • May positively impact the body’s immune response
  • Shows potential anti-ulcer activity in patients with refractory peptic ulcers
  • May help reduce epilepsy 
  • Regulates the “organization of circadian rhythms of hormones” (such as cortisol, testosterone, and prolactin)


Selank is a synthetic peptide created from the naturally occurring peptide tuftsin (a critical part of a properly-functioning immune system.) Just like Semax, Selank was also developed in the 1980s by the Russian-operated Institute of Molecular Genetics. The use of Selank has been shown to help improve learning, memory, cognition, depression, and energy in patients. Selank acts as a stable neuropsychotropic, antidepressant, and antistress to help reduce anxiety and relieve aggression. Selank works by modulating the communication between brain cells through allosteric modulation of GABA receptors to affect nootropic action and stimulate mental activity.


Selank is the best peptide for treating generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Clinical research shows that Selank has an effect similar to tranquilizers at low doses, but without unwanted side effects like amnesia, withdrawal, or dependence common with benzodiazepine tranquilizers such as Xanax.


Selank may aid in treating depression while treating anxiety. There are still more studies that need to be done to prove this, but many claim that it helps reduce depression-induced laziness.

Other Health Benefits:

  • Increased learning speed
  • Immune improvement
  • Gastric protection
  • Improves short-term and long-term memory
  • It May help manage opioid withdrawal and alcohol dependence.


Selank and Semax act as Melanocortin Stimulating Hormone-like Peptides in the brain causing effects that stimulate brain health and activity. Concurrent use is recommended for patients who wish to enhance their memory, focus, and mental clarity as well as to mitigate depression and anxiety symptoms.

If you want to achieve full optimization and maximize your cognitive abilities, then this combination is perfect for you.

This combination has proven to be beneficial in conjunction with medically supervised rehabilitation among individuals suffering from PTSD or substance dependence withdrawal. This medication should not be used by pregnant or nursing patients and individuals under the age of 18.


Semax and Selank are both optimally administered via nasal spray. This method delivers the peptide quickly into the brain

After cleaning the inside of your nostrils, apply 1-2 sprays into each nostril as needed. 

Be sure to store inside the refrigerator away from heat and light.

Contact us if you experience excessive itchiness. This can occur due to the potent increase in brain growth factors such as BDNF.