Marek Health is a cutting-edge health services organization that currently offers two lines of business:

1 – Concierge Tele-Health Services For Men & Women
Individualized Medicine and Treatment Plans Specializing in:

  • Thyroid Function

Book an appointment with a patient care coordinator and they will guide you through the on-boarding process: documenting and reviewing your medical history and goals, ordering and reviewing appropriate diagnostic labwork, and handling any communication with the physician group.
When you are a patient at Marek, you have an entire team working for you, not just one doctor.

2 – Diagnostic Labwork Fulfillment Services
If you would like to order diagnostic lab-work and do not require interpretation by a professional, you can order labs directly from our website.

(If you would like help selecting the appropriate lab package based on your health goals/concerns we suggest you book an appointment with one of our patient care coordinators who can walk you through the process.)