In order to achieve the highest level of care possible, Marek has certain standards which are considered baseline requirements for being a client.

  • Physical  Examination 1x per year
    Since we are a tele-health provider, we need to make sure a qualified health professional (MD, DO, PA, NP) is attesting to your physical health and ensures legal compliance. You’ll be required to send us a copy of your annual physical before starting and continuing treatment.

  • Physician Consult 1x per year
    If you are in good health and on a stable protocol, you need to see a provider at least once per year via telemed visit. However, it is up to the provider’s discretion on how frequently you should be seen based on their interpretation of your lab work and overall health.

  • Diagnostic Labs 2x per year
    We require the basic male/female panel to be pulled initially at 6-12 weeks after starting treatment, then every 6 months to get a complete picture of your overall health and wellness. Additional labs may be required if abnormalities are found, or there are pre-existing conditions that warrant further monitoring.