We know what you’re thinking…. “I can go to my local pharmacy with a script from my doctor, wait 15 minutes and walk out with my medications. What is taking so long?!!!!!”

When your order is placed, a complex series of processes kicks off behind the scenes, involving multiple departments at multiple companies:

  • First, Marek staff must manually review the order for accuracy, and submit it to the pharmacy via a manual process. If your order is being fulfilled with multiple pharmacies, our staff has to log into each pharmacy portal and submit the order.
  • Next, your physician must review your prescription and sign off for its release to you at the pharmacy. If your order is being fulfilled with multiple pharmacies, your physician has to log into each pharmacy portal and approve the orders. The physicians are also working with clients during the day and typically approve orders once per day.
  • Your order is finally being processed by the compounding pharmacy! Unlike the retail pharmacy down the street from you, a compounding pharmacy makes your medications on the spot when the order is placed. They cannot just grab an item off the shelf and fulfill the order. Depending on the size of your order, and the complexity of the compounding, it can take up to 48hours to make all your medications. Once your order is complete, it must be reviewed and signed off by the Pharmacist fulfilling the order. Lastly, your order undergoes another final inspection by the shipping department before it is boxed up and sent to you.

We only use 503A/503B FDA Approved and Audited compounding pharmacies as our fulfillment partners. This allows us to customize the delivery routes, strength, and other characteristics of the medication to provide a more targeted and effective treatment.